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Thornhill Primary School

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Toolset 6: Learning about learning

  • This toolset includes: reflecting, evaluating, planning, sharing, choosing strategies etc.


  • Children are able to think and talk about their own learning even in the nursery! As they get older they get more articulate and can explain their thinking in more detail.


  • Talking about their learning enables children to identify how to apply skills, knowledge and understanding to different situations.


  • By making it OK to explore learning openly, including mistakes, children can become more resilient and prepared to risk sharing their thinking with others.


  • In a classroom where it’s the norm for there to be ongoing talk about learning, a shared understanding of what learning means can develop. Children begin to see themselves as contributing to a learning community.


  • Learning about learning helps children to see the purpose of being at school and then to take responsibility for moving forward in their learning, accessing the resources they need. Children’s understanding of learning is something that will help them in their lives beyond school.
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