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Teaching and Learning

At Thornhill we teach the national curriculum creatively through our carefully mapped out curriculum maps. They have been written to engage pupils in a variety of ways and provide a rich and exciting stimulus for learning.


We believe that high quality learning is much more than learning facts and information but is about the development of lifelong learning skills such as the ability to collaborate effectively, take risks, show resilience and persevere.


Our creative curriculum provides a myriad of opportunities to develop these skills that will benefit their lives in the future. Our curriculum supports pupils as they develop their creative thinking attitudes such as seeking connections, taking risks, being curious and challenging the usual. The curriculum is arranged in Learning Questions. These have been designed to be interesting, challenging and relevant and to allow important learning to take place across the Thornhill Toolsets and subjects.​


If you have any further questions or queries regarding our approach to teaching and learning then please do not hesitate to speak to Ms Ryer, Assistant Head teacher for Curriculum.


For information on our approach to teaching and learning please click the link below:

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