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Thornhill Foundation

Thornhill Foundation was established in 2017 to secure our school’s ability to deliver a rich, creative and enjoyable school experience for all children, despite recent reductions in government funding.


We raise money to help the school deliver major improvement projects that can’t be funded from the school’s state budget, seeking financial donations from parents and local community members, developing partnerships with businesses, and applying for grant funding where available.


Major projects the Foundation has funded include:


  • Building our new School Library
  • Funding our School Librarian and book stocks
  • Refurbishment of the Nursery classroom
  • Upgrade to the EYFS outdoor space 


Everyone can get involved and support the Thornhill Foundation – here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Monthly donations: families who are able to, are invited to support the Monthly Donors scheme. It helps fund crucial offerings such as the school's Enrichment programme and allows the school to plan ahead for major projects such as a new STEM lab and a Performing Arts Studio. You can set the donation level to work for you. Please sign up here:

  • Events: from Run Thornhill Run to the Festive Feast, join in throughout the year and see the school newsletter for details.

  • Speak to your workplace: many employers help fund community projects or partner with a school, if they are asked. Would your organisation like to support Thornhill? Most employers also offer ‘Give as You Earn’ options, so it’s worth speaking to your People / HR team to see if that’s an option for you.

  • Spread the word: please speak to your neighbours, friends, school alumni and family about the brilliant things happening at Thornhill. Perhaps they would like to lend their time, skills or resources and support the school.

  • Bring your professional skills to the table! We always need more people to offer their energy, skills and time to making this all happen. Please email to get involved with the next fundraising campaign.

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