• Our Learning Toolbox

    The Thornhill toolbox is made up of six different 'toolsets', designed to encourage a rounded development of our children.

  • Toolset 1: Communication

    This toolset includes: Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing, ICT, demonstrating something, visuals such as posters and artworks etc.

  • Toolset 2: Thinking

    This toolset includes: questioning, comparing, mathematical thinking, debating, explaining, problem-solving, logical thinking, reasoning, separating fact from opinion, weighing up evidence etc.

  • Toolset 6: Learning about learning

    This toolset includes: reflecting, evaluating, planning, sharing, choosing strategies etc

  • Toolset 5: Physical

    This toolset includes: role play, drama, simulations, brain gym etc.

  • Toolset 3: Creativity

    This toolset includes: risk-taking, generating ideas (brainstorming, hypothesising, speculating), making interesting connections, making unusual comparisons, looking at everyday things in original ways, asking unusual questions.

  • Toolset 4: Social and Emotional

    This toolset includes: self-awareness, self-control, empathy, social skills.


Welcome to Thornhill Primary School. We’re based in Islington, London.

Our school is very special; our school motto is ‘Help Yourself and Others to Learn’. We believe that with support all children can become highly successful learners and that all children are entitled to high quality learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.

At Thornhill we want our children to have a love of learning and develop skills for life.

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