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Thornhill Primary School

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Toolset 4: Social and Emotional

  • This toolset includes: self-awareness, self-control, empathy, social skills.


  • Children can’t leave their emotions outside the classroom and learning is often a very emotional experience (excitement, frustration, elation, fear, panic etc).


  • Children need to learn to understand their own emotions and realise that emotions are not bad but sometimes need to be managed or channelled.


  • ‘Emotional literacy’ and ‘emotional intelligence’ are different names for the same idea: we need to be more aware of how our emotions affect us so that we can express them in ways that help our learning and development.


  • Older children could explore whether there is such a thing as positive anger e.g. anger over injustice or poverty or positive fear e.g. fear of danger so that we stay safe.
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