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Toolset 2: Thinking

  • This toolset includes: questioning, comparing, mathematical thinking, debating, explaining, problem-solving, logical thinking, reasoning, separating fact from opinion, weighing up evidence etc.


  • By focusing on thinking skills, we help children to develop different approaches to different learning situations as well as sustaining curiosity and willingness to challenge authority and ask for evidence to back up opinions.


  • Philosophy for Children (P4C) is an excellent model for developing children’s thinking across the curriculum (generate questions from a stimulus or theme, group and categorise the questions, then decide which question to examine and discuss in depth, helping children to make connections between different children’s ideas).


  • Children need to evaluate how well they are thinking individually, in groups, as a class and begin to decide when to use different approaches e.g. ask children what thinking skills they need for a particular piece of learning.
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