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Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Primary School

Help Yourself and Others to Learn

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Our Vision and Values

Thornhill’s Vision Statement:

Leading and Learning Together


We will achieve this by:

  • Learning many different things.
  • Learning by ourselves and with others.
  • Learning how to learn and exploring new ways to learn.
  • Knowing how our feelings affect our learning.
  • Enjoying learning, but also knowing that it can be hard and it needs personal effort.
  • Being known and respected for who we are.


Our School Motto is: ‘Help Yourself and Others to Learn’


As leaders at Thornhill we help ourselves and others to learn by:

  • Following instructions
  • Leading by example
  • Trying our best
  • Displaying good manners
  • Keeping ourselves and others safe


  • Thornhill Primary School,
  • Thornhill Road,
  • London,
  • N1 1HX