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Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Primary School

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Lisa McCrindle - Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

Term of office from 25 August 2019 to 24 August 2023
First appointed on 25 August 2015

I am Policy Manager at the NSPCC and have spent my career working in the field of children and families policy including education, early years, family support and child protection and am passionate about ensuring that children are provided the best start in life. 

I have a love of the outdoors enjoying sailing, skiing and walking which gives me the chance to explore great places at home and abroad.

Thornhill Primary is a fantastic school, and its strength comes from the pupils, parents, staff and community. I am proud and privileged to be able to contribute to its continued growth and development.


Laura Arowolo

Co-opted Governor

Term of office from 30 March 2021 to 29 March 2025
First appointed on 30 March 2021

I am a commercial lawyer working in the media and entertainment industry. I play five-a-side football and I love photography.

I wanted to be a school governor so that I could give back to my community, support the school team and also ensure that young people are getting the most benefit from the education system. There were a handful of truly pivotal teachers during my academic career who really shaped who I have become, so lending my time and expertise is something very close to my heart. I sit on the Learning and Teaching committee.


Jonathan Dickie

Co-opted Governor

Term of office from 25 August 2019 to 24 August 2023
First appointed on 25 August 2015

I was keen to volunteer as a governor and to offer my skills towards the school, as I have always had a keen interest in education and learning.

My professional background is as a Chartered Accountant and I have previous experience working as both auditor and strategy consultant (and prior to this as a forensic scientist). Away from work, I have a love of sports (both playing and following) and have a lifelong fascination of the world resulting in a never-ending list of places I’m desperate to visit. I have been very fortunate to end up at such a fantastic school with an outstanding ethos and values.


Praful Nargund

Local Authority Governor

Term of office from 8 December 2020 to 7 December 2024
First appointed on 8 December 2020










Janine Paver

Co-opted Governor

Term of office from 25 February 2020 to 24 February 2024
First appointed on 25 February 2020

I am a Thornhill School parent, with my first son having started in 2009 and my youngest son being a current pupil.

I work as a Solicitor with considerable experience in law and finance, and in providing voluntary advice to small charities. 

Originally from New Zealand, I have travelled the world including an exciting Cape Town to London journey by public transport and walking.  

Islington has been my home for the last 20 years and I have been inspired by the great improvements in local schools during that time.



Kate Slotover

Parent Governor

Term of office from 19 Oct 2021 to 18 Oct 2025
First appointed on 19 Oct 2021

I am a graphic designer who specialises in book design. I’m a keen reader and make a podcast dedicated to book clubs. I have three children at Thornhill. Over the years I have used my skills on everything from designing the school’s poetry book and leavers’ yearbooks to setting up the Little Free Library on the corner, which has become a wonderful point of connection between the school and the wider local community. As the daughter of a primary-school teacher, education is very close to my heart, and as Parent-Governor I’m pleased to have to opportunity to be involved in supporting the staff, parents and pupils at Thornhill to help it be the very best it can be.


Tanya Spencer

Co-opted Governor

Term of office from 12 July 2022 to 11 July 2026
First appointed on 17 July 2018

I am a Senior HR partner specialising in transformation and technology. I am passionate about education and wanted to use my HR skills to support the next generations. Equipping people of all ages with a lifelong learning mindset is something I support at work and is part of the Thornhill culture that attracted me. 

Away from work i have a sweet elderly cat named Pudding. I studied couture millinery at LCF and enjoy making bespoke hats for special occasions. 


Paul Symes

Co-opted Governor

Term of office from 25 August 2019 to 24 August 2023
First appointed on 25 August 2015

I am a Director of a retail design company and create store interiors, window displays, visual merchandising solutions & events.
I sit on the Learning and Teaching committee, and I wanted to be a school governor so that I could use some of my free time & skills to help young people who will shape the future. It was the art teacher at my school who encouraged me to study creative subjects, at a time when a creative career wasn’t taken seriously.
I’m fascinated by gadgets and recently created my own home control system, and learned to understand & write code, thanks to YouTube and of course, my maths' teachers!


Donald Tse

Parent Governor

Term of office from 23 January 2023 to 22 January 2027
First appointed on 23 January 2023


I work as a product manager in financial services, though in years past, also as a sommelier and ran restaurants, which instilled a strong ethos of teamwork, communication and adaptability. As a Parent Governor I hope to bring the parental view, to hold and be accountable for the Governors' decision-making process.

Each child is unique and learns differently and together, we can equip and support our children with an equitable educational environment that Thornhill fosters - an enabling culture to learn, explore, grow and thrive.

An amazing soul lyricist once wrote "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way..."

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