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Special Educational Needs

Thornhill Primary School, is a diverse and inclusive school. We are committed to meeting the needs of ALL pupils including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN).


We believe that every child and adult in our school community

  • has an entitlement to experience the excitement and personal fulfilment of learning in all its forms;
  • can make progress in their learning and development and be successful whatever their current level of performance;
  • is able to make a contribution to the life of the school;
  • has a range of talents and skills that must be valued and developed;
  • can make maximum progress in learning through a commitment to personal effort rather than a belief in fixed ability;
  • can override many barriers to learning with appropriate support, guidance and motivation;
  • can learn valuable life skills and positive social attitudes by learning alongside a diverse group of peers;
  • will experience at one time or another a need for particular or additional support, guidance or attention;
  • should be recognised as having individual needs, whatever their current level of performance.

For all enquiries concerning safeguarding and special educational needs, please contact: 


Mrs Samantha Abedian

SEND coordinator and DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

  • Thornhill Primary School,
  • Thornhill Road,
  • London,
  • N1 1HX