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Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Primary School

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Our Structure and Roles

There are several types of School Governor at Thornhill Primary School:


Parent Governors

Those with a child at the school who other parents elect.


Staff Governors

Those who work at the school as teachers or support staff.


Local Authority Governors

Those appointed by Islington Council from political parties and the community.


Co-opted Governors

Those appointed by other governors from the local community for the skills and experience they can bring to the governing body.


Associate Governors

Those appointed by the governing body from a wide group including school staff and people who want to contribute on issues related to their own expertise.


Collectively we are called the Full Governing Board and meet at least once each term with the Head Teacher and The Senior Leadership Team. We also are appointed to various committees who meet twice each term and report back to the Full Governing Board.


The committees we have at Thornhill are:

- Learning & Teaching

- Resources & Community

- Personnel

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