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Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Primary School

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School Priorities

At Thornhill we are constantly striving to better ourselves by working together to achieve a number of whole school priorities.


Alongside staff and the governing body, we have created a two year school development plan (SDP).

School Development Plan

2022 - 2024

Priority 1 - Quality of Education

To develop knowledge across the wider curriculum including Cultural Capital for all.


Priority 2 - Behaviour & Attitudes

To reduce persistent absence (PA) across the school.


Priority 3 - Leadership & Management 

To increase the leadership capacity of the school at all levels in order to support with future school development and sustainability.


Priority 4 - Personal Development

To support the mental health and wellbeing of staff and pupils.



  • Thornhill Primary School,
  • Thornhill Road,
  • London,
  • N1 1HX