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Story Telling

During lockdown, members of staff have been sharing their favourite storytimes.

Story Time with Miss Huang: Mabel's Magical Garden

Mabel's Magical Garden written by Paula Metcalf and read by Miss Huang. Links to some websites for suggested activities:

Story Time with Mr Kernohan: The Scarecrows' Wedding

Mr Kernohan reads The Scarecrows' Wedding.

Story Time with Miss Staicu: Harry the Happy Mouse

Miss Staicu reads Harry the Happy Mouse.

Story Time with Mr Stebbing: The Terrible Plop

Mr Stebbing and his son read The Terrible Plop.

Story Time with Miss McIntyre & Miss May: Handa's Surprise

Miss McIntyre, Miss May & Miss Walters and the key worker children retell Handa's Suprise.

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