Thornhill Clothing and School Uniform policy.

Schools have the responsibility to provide an ordered environment in which children see themselves as part of a larger community. The Governing Body has a statutory duty ‘…to
ensure that school policies promote good behaviour and discipline amongst the pupil body.’

A dress code helps to establish this environment by:

  • increasing the sense of pupil identity with the school;
  • identifying children with the school when they are outside the school itself e.g. on trips;
  • creating a consistent sense of what is and what is not appropriate clothing for school;
  • helping young people to see school as a business-like place where they go to learn, not as a purely social place;
  • reducing the element of divisive competition that exists between children (particularly amongst the older age groups) in terms of clothing style and “labels” worn.

You can buy your uniform online from MyClothing or from the PTA second-hand uniform sales that run throughout the year.

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