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Home Learning

DB Primary

DB Primary is our virtual online learning platform and can be accessed via the homepage of our website. Each child has an individual passcode that provides them with a whole range of learning opportunities through their class community page. Learning is organised through a variety of tabs, blogs and forums. Teachers provide core learning daily and supplement this with learning across other subject areas such as PE and Geography as well as enrichment activities. Pupils upload learning on to this learning platform.

Online resources

Pupils also have access to a range of online resources,, Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics that allow them to apply and rehearse core skills. This can be supplemented by resources from the government learning platform, .


Reading Books

Books have been provided for pupils who request them for home use or via Thornhill’s Little Free Library. To request reading books contact


Learning during Partial Reopening – The Recovery Curriculum

In order for children to ‘catch up’ some of the formal school teaching that they have missed and for us to address the events of the last few months, after half term we will be implementing a ‘recovery curriculum.’ The recovery curriculum will vary by year group. This will be available for the children who attend school and to the children who continue to be home schooled.


Every day, there will be a review of health and safety procedures including moving around school, social distancing and handwashing. Every class will also have time to focus daily on mental health and well-being as children may need to discuss their anxieties or experiences during lockdown. A focus for Year 6 will also be the transition to secondary school which follows a programme provided by Islington Council. Reading, Writing and Maths will be taught in the mornings so that pupils can consolidate their learning. Afternoons will be an opportunity to focus on foundation subjects such as history, geography and art.


Other year groups, when they return, will focus on Reading, Writing and Maths as part of the recovery curriculum. As teachers and pupils will be fixed within their bubbles there is likely to be a wide variation in attainment levels within the bubble groups.  The staff within each bubble will seek to meet the varying needs of the different children in each bubble providing time to consolidate and progress knowledge.  This may mean that in some lessons some children will be revisiting content that other children already have secure knowledge of.  In these cases, the children with secure knowledge will be given work to continue independently on other aspects of their learning.   We will seek to tailor our teaching as far as possible to support children’s differing needs.


Pupils not returning to school

For those children who are not returning to school the learning at home and school will be mirrored via DB Primary. We will continue to provide CGP Books and other paper learning that will support learners at home. Guides to support navigation on DB Community pages will be provided to parents to ensure that they can access the full range of content across all subject areas.

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