04 Jul Y6 Residential to Kingswood

Updates from Ms Huang:

Monday 3rd July

We settled in quickly; had a grand tour (accompanied by choc ices!) enjoyed some of the glorious sunshine and green space; had a very substantial dinner with an extensive salad bar (that’s all the children thought I was eating, I took so much!); had our first round of activities which included archery, outdoor laser and zip wire; went through a fire drill (all ok); and sang some very random and silly songs around a campfire with some toasted marshmallows. Oh, and we have hot chocolate every night before bed time!


Tuesday 4th July

After a very early morning wake-up call delivered kindly by the children, we commenced an incredibly jam-packed day! Activities included raft building (no one lost their shoes, thankfully); 3G Swing; zip wire; archery (lots of bullseyes); bouldering; fencing (some budding fencers with a natural talent!); outdoor laser; nightlife (blindfolded and leading each other through a very muddy obstacle course); and fire lighting (some were scarily good at this but no arsonists, thankfully). Northern weather has been quite a shock for a few of us (19 degrees is considered ‘freezing’ apparently). Food has been delightful and we’re all very well fed. Postcards have been written and will be posted in the AM; there are some rather interesting ‘addresses’ listed so it will be a special challenge to see which ones actually arrive! Early bedtime tonight with a lovely lie-in (we can but dream) in preparation for another fun-filled day!


Wednesday 5th July

We encountered all four seasons today, with tomorrow set to be a blustery one as well! We had a blissfully peaceful and uneventful night with a much needed lie-in! More groups made it down to the reservoir for raft building and marvelled serenely at the Yorkshire dales we had travelled so far for. Seems that whilst we have lots of budding Bear Grylls, they haven’t quite found their sea legs yet – who needs them though when you can just flail around in shallow water! The night was topped off with a precursor to the disco tomorrow: musical twister! All of the children have really impressed everyone with their commendable collaboration and leadership skills; we’ve witnessed many hidden talents that I’m sure the children can’t wait to share with you all! 


Thursday 6th July

We have been nothing but impressed with the children with regards to their behaviour, perseverance and attitude towards the challenges we have faced during this trip! What was meant to be a day of thunderstorms has transpired to be one of the nicest days yet! It’s been an absolute treat to be surrounded by so much positivity: we cannot praise the instructors enough. After a lovely disco, the children have packed and are ready to go home to see you all. Enjoy!

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