03 Jul Y6 residential – Phasels Wood

Day One:

We’ve settled in well and had a fun packed day!

So far we’ve experienced Aeroball (basketball on a trampoline); Nightline (blindfolded obstacle course); Archery (watch out Katniss Everdeen!); and Abseiling (lots of fears were conquered). There’s been plenty of time to play and enjoy the outdoors – many of us are adjusting to being rather grubby! We had a delighted evening meal of sausages and mashed potato along with ice cream and cake. Supper (hot chocolate and biscuits) was enjoyed in our private communal areas in between cartwheels (yes, really) and showers (to wash off the day’s grime). We can’t wait to update you on our second day!

Day Two:

Thank heavens England won the match – otherwise we would have had many upset children going to bed tonight!

Instead, we had another glorious day out exploring the grounds via a special ‘Photo Hunt’ and then trying our hands at scaling Annapurna (‘Rolling Rock’). Our team work and leadership skills were developed and challenged through ‘Team Games’ and ‘Shelter Building’ – adults had the pleasure of heaving buckets of water at shelters housing the children (Bear Grylls can rest easy).

We cooled off with impromptu water fights and a visit to the shop to stock up on essentials (i.e. mountains of cookies and enough sweets to open our own tuck shop).

Later, we were fortunate enough to catch the ENG v COL game after half time – a slightly later bedtime was allowed on this special occasion with the understanding that 5.30 am is not appropriate time to be waking adults up…

P.S. Apologies for lack of photos – WiFi is non existent!

Day Three:

We had an absolutely blissful morning broken only by alarms – not noisy children! 

Another fun-filled day was had with Spider Mountain (crawling up makeshift webs and then sliding down); Slacklines (tightropes); Low Ropes (we all enjoyed and struggled with the ‘Tarzan’ swing!); but the favourite had to have been Cresta Run (sledging) where we raced each other to the finish! 

The children have been a wonderful and supportive team – it’s been so lovely to see everything getting involved and constantly laughing or smiling. The sun did get to us all a bit so we finally resorted to just lying in the shade – yes, even football was abandoned! Some of the children have since become ‘Professional Frisbee Throwers’ or avid card players!

A relatively early (and uneventful) night was had – we’re fresh and ready for our final full day! 

Day Four:

Another scorcher of a day and we’re so glad not to be stuck indoors! Instead we went underground or more specifically into some underground tunnels! Many fears were faced and conquered. Whilst not everyone finished the course, we are so unbelievably proud that they all gave it a go (some heroic rescues were made!). A big highlight was some mystery slime awaiting the children at the end!

Next up, the children practised their climbing skills once again on various rock faces, which then concluded with abseiling back down. They then enjoyed racing each other in carts around a track (excellent workout for the legs). We were all in fits of laughter during Human Hungry Hippos in what was essential a glorified bouncy castle – flip and jumps were perfected. 

Land zorbing and Human Table Football completely wore the children out (a huge water fight possibly helped too), so much so that our mini party involved lots ‘resting’!

It’s been a jam-packed week coupled with glorious weather. We have a couple of last activities tomorrow before departing for school – we’ll be bringing back worn out tanned/pink children whom have all shown tremendous courage and compassion. They cannot WAIT to see and update you in person!


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