We raise money through grants, partnerships with local businesses and direct donations.

Thornhill Foundation was established in 2017 to secure our school’s ability to deliver a rich, creative and enjoyable school experience for all children, despite recent reductions in government funding.

We raise money to help the school deliver major improvement projects that can’t be funded from the school’s state budget, seeking financial donations from parents and local community members, developing partnerships with businesses, and applying for grant funding where available.


The two initial projects that we are raising money for are:

1. Upgrading our nursery and early years spaces

Redesigning and refurbishing the nursery and reception classrooms and outdoor spaces, to provide rich and effective environments that support the development of our youngest pupils. Cost: approx. £80k

2. Building a brand new inspirational library

Latest research shows that school libraries have a positive impact on all areas of pupils’ learning, including, their self-esteem and their overall academic attainment. We plan to build an exciting, accessible and well-stocked, library:  somewhere that children will love to spend time and develop a love of books and literacy. Cost: approx. £100k for the build, plus £20k for books.

We have created a short new library video and library brochure to outline why a new library is so important to us, how we came up with the design, and what we need to do to make our dreams a reality.


Our 17-18 Annual Review shows the progress of the Thornhill Foundation in its first year, and our priorities for the year ahead.

You can also follow our fundraising journey on Facebook:

Please help

Everyone can get involved and support the Thornhill Foundation – here’s a few things you can do to help:

  • Plan a fundraising event or challenge of your own, be it a sponsored swim, a readathon, a book sale – whatever your family wants to do. It’s quick and easy to set up an online fundraising page from our BT My Donate page:
  • Ask your workplace if they might be able to help us – many companies are happy to help fund community projects or partner with a school, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme. They may consider promoting us as their Charity of the Year, or might be interested in sponsorship opportunities we present with our 300+ local families. Please talk to them about our plans.
  • Make a donation through our dedicated donation site ( ) or speak to your workplace about matched giving or Give as You Earn schemes that they may offer.
  • Join the lunch donors [click here] who are giving back the money they save from their children getting free school lunches each month, or make a one-off gift. Any donation, large or small, will make a huge difference, especially with the added Gift Aid.
  • Spread the word – Thornhill Primary School Foundation is now on Facebook so follow us, like us and keep up to date with our progress @thornhillschoolislington. Tell friends and family, neighbours, alumni and local businesses about our goals and see if they can help us too.
  • Speak to us – if you can spare some time and energy to help the Thornhill Foundation committee. This quick overview shows where we need help and how you can get involved.  Or if you have fundraising ideas, we’d love to hear from you – drop us an email at



The Thornhill Foundation Committee is a small team of parents, governors and school leaders working together to identify priority projects, and seeking to fund them through grant applications, direct donations and partnerships with local businesses.


  • Jenny Lewis (Head teacher)
  • Jo Michaelides (Chair and Parent Governor, direct donations)
  • Emily Bohill (Parent member, corporates and local businesses, Run Thornhill Run)
  • James Evers (Parent member, corporates and local businesses)
  • Natalie Farrelly (Parent member)
  • Buffy Sharpe (TSA Trustee, grant research and applications)
  • Stephanie Somerville (TSA Trustee, grant research and applications)
  • Chrysanthe Staikopoulou (TSA Treasurer)
  • Esther Wallace (TSA Trustee, corporates and local businesses)

Click here to see our Terms of reference Thornhill Foundation 7.18

For further information about the Foundation as well as FAQs please click on the following: FAQs Thornhill Foundation 10.17