22 Feb Save the Gorilla Day – £448.30 raised!

£448.30 raised – Well done everyone!

On Friday 9th February we will be holding a Save the Gorilla Day. This is because gorillas are now classified as critically endangered, with their populations being decimated by habitat loss, disease and hunting. Unless we take urgent action today, these magnificent and gentle creatures – our closest cousins – could become extinct in the next 10 to 15 years.

On the day, your child will be able to wear whatever they like to school or ideally wear something with a gorilla theme and bring in £1. After school, we will have a cake and sweet sale. If possible, please can you bring in some sweet treats for us to sell – kindly leave these in the office in the morning.

Money raised will go to London Zoological Society (ZSL) to support their gorilla conservation projects in Africa, whose activities include:

– trying to minimize the spread of Ebola,

– reducing the dependency of local people on gorilla meat (bushmeat) for both food and income, by finding other sustainable sources of income, such as low impact tourism.

Philosophical question: Is it right to stop people driven by poverty and hunger from hunting to feed their families?

We can discuss this and other questions on Save the Gorilla Day.

Thank you for your support, and please speak to one of us if you have any questions or can help with the cake and sweet sale.

Yours sincerely,

Martha Michaelides (Y5 Comets)Emilia Kattein (Y5 Comets)Lydia Carruthers (Y5 Comets) & Georgina Whitlock (Y5 Planetoids)



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