The School Council embodies Thornhill’s ethos that children are Leaders of their own Learning.

What is the rationale behind a School Council?

The school council is a group of pupils elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with the senior managers and governors of the school.

The school council can also take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of their peers, and be involved in strategic planning and processes such as the School Development Plan, governing body meetings and staff appointments.

The school council helps pupils to:

  • Feel that their school responds to their needs;
  • Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them;
  • Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place;
  • Develop active life skills through participating.

Who are the 2017-2018 School Councillors?

Year 1 Moon: Clemency Antwi & Yanis Mahiou     Year 1 Venus: Mimi Alexander & Tyler Lewis

Year 2 Jupiter: Stella Englisch & Hugo Moody-Stuart    Year 2 Saturn: Maia Creer & Talvin Kandola

Year 3 Mars: Patricia Irimia & Ramadan Abdalla    Year 3 Uranus: Nefeli Kattein & Benjamin Edmead

Year 4 Neptune: Isabella Isaac & Sonnie Corton   Year 4 Pluto: Tora Davison-Law & Joolz Gordon-Hobson

Year 5 Comets: Martha Michaelides & Jeremy Antwi    Year 5 Planetoids: Cady Byrne-Richards & Moe Phillips-Dibb

Year 6 Meteors: Millie Taylor & Riley Mason       Year 6 Asteroids: Jessica Carter & Eshan Kumar

What have the School Council been doing?

(The following items have been discussed with the school council before being shared by the representatives with their class)